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The Xavier Baccalaureate Mass Choir is a special ensemble that comes together to celebrate the spiritual milestone of graduating seniors at Xavier College Prep. This choir, composed of alumni parents, current parents, and friends of Xavier, plays an integral role in the Baccalaureate Mass, adding a beautiful and reverent musical dimension to this significant event.

Choir Highlights

  1. Inclusive Participation: The choir is open to alumni parents, current parents, and friends of Xavier who have a passion for singing and a desire to contribute to the Baccalaureate Mass. This inclusivity fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among participants.
  2. Musical Rehearsals: In preparation for the Baccalaureate Mass, the choir holds a series of rehearsals led by the school's music/choir conductor. These rehearsals ensure that the choir members are well-prepared and can perform to the best of their abilities.
  3. Diverse Repertoire: The choir performs a diverse selection of liturgical music that enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the Mass. The repertoire includes traditional hymns, contemporary worship songs, and classical pieces, all chosen to reflect the solemnity and joy of the occasion.
  4. Community Building: Participating in the choir provides an opportunity for alumni parents, current parents, and friends to connect with one another. These relationships are strengthened through shared rehearsals and the collective experience of performing together.
  5. Enhancing the Mass Experience: The choir’s performance adds a rich, musical layer to the Baccalaureate Mass, elevating the overall experience for graduates, their families, and the entire Xavier community. The music serves to inspire, uplift, and bring a sense of unity and reverence to the ceremony.
  6. Honoring Graduates: By contributing to the Baccalaureate Mass, choir members play a direct role in honoring the graduating seniors. Their participation underscores the communal support and pride felt by the Xavier community as students embark on their next chapter.
  7. Continuing Traditions: The involvement of alumni parents and friends of Xavier in the choir helps maintain and strengthen the school’s traditions. It bridges the past and present, connecting former students' families with current ones, and fostering a continuous sense of Xavier’s enduring values and community spirit.
  8. Memorable Performances: The choir's performance at the Baccalaureate Mass is often one of the most memorable parts of the ceremony for graduates and their families. The heartfelt singing creates a powerful and moving experience that resonates with all attendees.

    The Alumni Parent, Parent, and Friends of Xavier Baccalaureate Mass Choir is a cherished and vital part of the Baccalaureate Mass at Xavier College Prep. Through their dedication and musical talent, choir members enrich the spiritual celebration, honor the graduating seniors, and strengthen the bonds within the Xavier community. This choir not only enhances the Mass experience but also exemplifies the spirit of togetherness and shared commitment that defines Xavier College Prep.