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The Christmas House Adopt-A-Family Program at Xavier College Prep is a heartwarming initiative that embodies the spirit of giving and community support during the holiday season. This program encourages students, families, faculty, and staff to come together to provide a joyful Christmas experience for families in need within the local community.

Program Highlights

  1. House Participation: The program is organized by the school’s house system, with each house "adopting" one or more families. This structure fosters a sense of unity and teamwork as students and their families collaborate to gather donations and gifts for their adopted families.

    Family Selection: Partnering with local charities and community organizations, Xavier identifies
  2. families who would benefit from extra support during the holidays. These families are matched with the houses, and their specific needs and wishes are shared with the participants.
  3. Wish Lists: Each adopted family provides a wish list, which typically includes essential items such as clothing, household goods, and groceries, as well as gifts for the children, such as toys, books, and educational supplies. This personalized approach ensures that the donations are meaningful and tailored to the family's needs.
  4. Donation Drives: Throughout the month of December, houses organize donation drives to collect items on the wish lists. Students, parents, faculty, and staff contribute generously, donating new or gently used items, purchasing gifts, and providing monetary donations to support the initiative.
  5. Gift Wrapping Parties: As the donation period comes to a close, each house hosts a gift-wrapping party. These events are filled with holiday cheer, with students and families coming together to wrap the collected gifts. Christmas music, hot cocoa, and festive decorations create a joyful atmosphere as volunteers prepare the presents.
  6. Delivery Day: The program culminates in a special delivery day, where representatives from each house personally deliver the gifts to the adopted families. This act of kindness not only brings joy to the recipients but also allows students to witness the direct impact of their generosity.
  7. Community Engagement: The Christmas House Adopt-A-Family Program is an excellent opportunity for Xavier College Prep to engage with the broader community. It reinforces the values of service and compassion, encouraging students to develop a lifelong commitment to helping others.
  8. Reflection and Gratitude: After the delivery of gifts, students and faculty participate in reflection sessions to discuss the importance of giving back and the impact of their efforts. This time of gratitude helps reinforce the core values of empathy and social responsibility.

    The Christmas House Adopt-A-Family Program at Xavier College Prep is a shining example of the school's commitment to service and community. By bringing together students, families, and staff to support those in need, the program spreads holiday cheer and makes a tangible difference in the lives of local families. Through acts of kindness and generosity, the Xavier community celebrates the true spirit of Christmas, fostering a culture of compassion and solidarity.