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The Christmas Tree Sale at Xavier College Prep is a beloved annual event that brings festive cheer to the school community while raising funds to support various school programs and initiatives. This event offers a wonderful opportunity for students, families, faculty, and community members to come together and celebrate the holiday season.

Event Highlights

  1. Variety of Trees: The sale features a wide selection of fresh, high-quality Christmas trees in various sizes and types, such as Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and Noble Fir. Each tree is carefully chosen to ensure it is healthy, fragrant, and perfect for holiday decorating.
  2. Wreaths and Garland: In addition to Christmas trees, the sale offers beautiful holiday wreaths and garlands. These decorative items add a festive touch to any home and make great gifts for friends and family.
  3. Pre-Order Sales: Families and community members can pre-order their trees online to ensure they get the size and type they prefer. 
  4. Student and Parent Volunteers: The event is staffed by enthusiastic student and parent volunteers, along with Student Leadership Council members who assist with everything from unloading and setting up trees to helping customers. This volunteer effort fosters a sense of community and school spirit.
  5. Festive Atmosphere: The trees are picked up on the school grounds. Holiday music, and refreshments create a warm and inviting atmosphere for shoppers.
  6. Additional Holiday Items: The sale often includes a selection of holiday decorations, ornaments, and handmade crafts created by students. These items provide additional options for holiday shopping and gift-giving.
  7. Fundraising Impact: Proceeds from the Christmas Tree Sale go directly to supporting school programs, scholarships, and extracurricular activities. This fundraising effort helps enhance the educational experience for all students at Xavier College Prep.
  8. Community Engagement: The event serves as a wonderful opportunity for the Xavier community to engage with one another and with the broader local community. It reinforces the values of service and generosity, especially during the holiday season.

    The Christmas Tree Sale at Xavier College Prep is a festive and meaningful event that brings the holiday spirit to the school community while supporting important programs and initiatives. Through the sale of trees, wreaths, and holiday items, the event fosters community engagement, school spirit, and a sense of giving. This cherished tradition not only provides beautiful holiday decorations but also makes a lasting impact on the lives of Xavier students and the broader community.