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The Xavier Golf Tournament is a prestigious annual event that brings together golf enthusiasts, alumni, parents, faculty, and community supporters for a day of sport, camaraderie, and philanthropy. This eagerly anticipated tournament not only provides an enjoyable golf experience but also serves as a key fundraiser to support Xavier College Prep's programs and initiatives.

Event Highlights

  1. Scenic Golf Course: Held at the beautiful and well-maintained Classic Club, the tournament offers participants the chance to play on a challenging and picturesque course. The lush greens, stunning fairways, and scenic views make for an enjoyable and memorable day of golf.
  2. Format and Competitions: The tournament typically follows a scramble format, allowing golfers of all skill levels to participate and enjoy the event. Teams compete for various prizes, including longest drive, closest to the pin, and overall best score. Friendly competition adds excitement and engagement to the day.
  3. Registration and Welcome: The day begins with registration and a warm welcome. Participants receive their tournament materials, including scorecards, maps, and swag bags filled with promotional items and gifts from sponsors.
  4. Shotgun Start: The tournament kicks off with a shotgun start, where all teams tee off simultaneously from different holes. This format ensures a smooth flow of play and allows all participants to finish around the same time.
  5. On-Course Refreshments: Throughout the day, golfers enjoy complimentary refreshments and snacks provided at various points on the course. Beverage carts circulate, offering drinks and light refreshments to keep players hydrated and energized.
  6. Post-Tournament Festivities: After the rounds of golf, participants gather for a post-tournament celebration. This includes a delicious meal, where golfers can relax, socialize, and share their experiences from the day.
  7. Awards Ceremony: The event concludes with an awards ceremony recognizing the top-performing teams and individual winners of the various competitions. Trophies, medals, and prizes are awarded, celebrating the achievements and sportsmanship of the participants.
  8. Silent Auction and Raffles: To further support fundraising efforts, the tournament features a silent auction and raffles. Attendees can bid on an array of items, including sports memorabilia, travel packages, dining experiences, and more. The excitement of bidding and the chance to win valuable prizes add to the overall enjoyment of the event.
  9. Fundraising Impact: Proceeds from the tournament, including registration fees, sponsorships, auction sales, and raffles, directly support Xavier College Prep's athletic programs. The funds raised help enhance the learning experience and opportunities for all students.

The Xavier Golf Tournament is a highlight of the school’s calendar, combining the love of golf with the spirit of giving and community. It offers a day of fun, competition, and fellowship, all while supporting the mission and goals of Xavier College Prep. This event not only fosters school pride and unity but also makes a significant impact on the resources available to students, ensuring a bright future for the Xavier community.