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Homecoming at Xavier College Prep is a vibrant and spirited celebration that brings the entire school community together to celebrate school pride, tradition, and camaraderie. The festivities culminate in the highly anticipated Homecoming Game, but the week leading up to it is filled with various activities, including the popular golf cart house decoration contest, pep rallies, welcoming back our wonderful Alumni and other engaging events.

Week of Festivities

Spirit Week: Homecoming festivities kick off with Spirit Week, where each day features a different theme. Students, faculty, and staff dress up according to themes like "Twin Day," "Decades Day," "Pajama Day," and "Class Colors Day," fostering school spirit and unity.

Pep Rally: A high-energy pep rally is held on the Thursday before the Homecoming Game. The event features performances by the school’s cheerleaders, dance team, and percussion band, as well as speeches from student leaders. Games and competitions between different houses add to the excitement, building anticipation for the big game.

Homecoming Game Day

  1. Pre-Game Festivities: The day of the Homecoming Game is filled with pre-game festivities. The school grounds are decorated with banners, posters, and house colors. Food trucks, concession stands, and activity booths set up around the stadium create a festive atmosphere. There are often pre-game tailgate parties where students, families, and alumni gather to enjoy food, music, and games.
  2. Parade of Golf Carts: Each house decorates a golf cart to reflect their house spirit and creativity. The theme is determined from our Student Leadership Council. At the game, the decorated golf carts are paraded around the field, showcasing the creativity and spirit of each house. Judges evaluate them based on creativity, craftsmanship, and adherence to the theme. The winning house earns points and bragging rights for the year.
  3. Homecoming Court: During halftime, the Homecoming Court is presented. The court typically includes nominees from each grade level, with a special focus on the seniors. The Homecoming King and Queen are crowned in a ceremony that highlights their contributions to the school and community.
  4. The Game: The highlight of the day is, of course, the Homecoming Game. The Xavier Saints football team takes on a rival school in a thrilling match. The stands are packed with students, parents, alumni, and community members, all cheering passionately for their team. The game is filled with exciting plays, school cheers, and a palpable sense of unity and school pride.
  5. Post-Game Celebration: See Concert on the Court

    Homecoming at Xavier College Prep is a cherished tradition that brings together the entire school community in a celebration of pride, spirit, and unity. From the creative golf cart house decoration contest to the thrilling Homecoming Game, each event is designed to foster connections, create lasting memories, and celebrate the rich traditions of Xavier College Prep.