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Thankful Thursday at Xavier College Prep, also known as the Day of Giving, is a significant and uplifting event dedicated to fostering a culture of gratitude and generosity within the school community. This special day encourages students, parents, alumni, faculty, and friends of Xavier to come together in support of the school's mission and to make a meaningful impact through collective giving.

Event Highlights

  1. Community Spirit and Engagement: Thankful Thursday is marked by a strong sense of community spirit. The entire Xavier family is encouraged to participate, with various activities and campaigns designed to engage everyone, from students to alumni. The event emphasizes the power of collective action and the importance of supporting one another.
  2. Fundraising Goals: The primary objective of Thankful Thursday is to raise funds for essential school programs, scholarships, and initiatives that enhance the educational experience at Xavier. Clear and inspiring fundraising goals are set, motivating participants to contribute and help achieve these targets.
  3. Promotion: Leading up to the event, the school leverages social media, email campaigns, and personal outreach to promote Thankful Thursday and encourage widespread participation.
  4. Donation Challenges and Matches: To maximize impact, Thankful Thursday often includes donation challenges and matching gifts. Generous donors may pledge to match contributions up to a certain amount, doubling the impact of individual donations. These challenges create excitement and incentivize giving throughout the day.
  5. Student Involvement: Students play an active role in Thankful Thursday, participating in various activities to promote the event and engage the community. They might create thank-you videos, share stories of how Xavier has impacted their lives, and assist in hosting events and outreach efforts.
  6. Celebrating Donors: Throughout the day, donors are recognized and celebrated for their contributions. A real-time donor wall, either online or displayed on campus, highlights the names of contributors and acknowledges their generosity. Special shout-outs and thank-you messages are shared on social media and during live events.
  7. Gratitude Initiatives: The day is also focused on expressing gratitude. Students, faculty, and staff participate in writing thank-you notes, creating appreciation videos, and sharing heartfelt messages with donors and supporters, emphasizing the impact of their generosity.
  8. Impact Stories: Throughout the day, stories of how donations have made a difference are shared with the community. These stories highlight the real-life impact of contributions on students' lives, showcasing the tangible benefits of giving and fostering a deeper connection to the cause.

    Thankful Thursday at Xavier College Prep is a powerful and unifying event that underscores the importance of gratitude and generosity. It brings the entire school community together to support Xavier's mission and make a significant impact on the lives of students. Through collective giving, engaging activities, and heartfelt expressions of thanks, Thankful Thursday not only raises essential funds but also strengthens the bonds within the Xavier community, ensuring a brighter future for all.