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Coie Family Fund

Saint Paul reminds us that we are called to have hearts of compassion and to help carry each other's burdens.  Sometimes those burdens are light, and sometimes they can feel crushing and overwhelming.  As the Coie family recovers from the accident they were in just before Christmas, we have an opportunity to show our compassion and to help Ursula, Sydney, and Sienna carry their burdens by helping them financially.  There is no way to estimate the time it will take for them to make full recoveries, but we are certain that the costs of this healing could be staggering.  Time spent healing and will mean time spent away from work and driving to and from the hospital, not to mention co-pays, deductibles, and other related costs. 

If you can help, please consider making a donation to the Coie Family Fund here
Thanks in advance for your generosity, and please continue to hold the entire Coie family in your prayers.