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About Us


Xavier is the first lay-built, Jesuit-endorsed high school and is associated with the six other Jesuit high schools in the California Province.

Jesuit education will always be synonymous with excellence. Jesuit education centers on the education of the whole person: mind, spirit and body. This is accomplished through cura personalis (Latin for personalized care and concern for the individual) and through a holistic curriculum. In the United States, Jesuit high schools, colleges and universities have flourished, producing many of the country's leaders. Xavier Prep has played a major role in a four-hundred-year tradition of excellence.

The tradition was born in sixteenth century Europe by a man and his vision: St. Ignatius Loyola. As founder of the Society of Jesus, Ignatius used the best schools of his day as models to develop a course of studies which combined a liberal arts curriculum with Christian teachings. This course of study has expanded greatly over the past four hundred years.

The primary purpose of education according to Ignatius was to lead students to the knowledge, love and service of God. This remains our primary educational goal. As a Catholic school, Xavier Prep helps young women and men put their faith into action in the service of others. We welcome students of all faiths, believing that conscious reflection on one’s faith, whatever it maybe, leads to spiritual maturity and a commitment to serve others.

Over 97% of all Xavier Prep graduates go on to further their education at colleges and universities throughout the country. During their years at Prep, students are guided by a highly-experienced faculty and staff who assist them in their educational journey that continues beyond high school.

Our goal is students will live out the Profile of the Graduate as women and men in service to others.