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Faith and Service

Welcome to the Office of Campus Ministry!
As the heart of Xavier Prep, the Office of Campus Ministry is the center of religious and spiritual life. Rooted in the Gospel, teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and the tradition of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), Campus Ministry aims to holistically develop men and women for and with others, caring for the whole person- mind, body, heart, and soul. Christ-centered programming and religious education lead to authentic encounters with God and others. Through daily, school-wide prayer and Examen, regular Masses and prayer services, Advent and Lenten Reconciliation Services, a four-year retreat program, Christian Life Communities, Summit Week, immersion trips, Christian Service Program, and Adult Ignatian Formation, Xavier promotes active involvement in a faith that does justice and leads to greater communion with God and neighbor.
We participate together in Christ’s mission in the world and we do so in various faith traditions, but in a shared understanding of the redeeming mission of Jesus and each student’s developing conscience. Programming respects and welcomes people of all faith traditions.
In addition to the Campus Ministry Staff and the Department of Theology, all Xavier teachers and staff are seen as campus ministers and contribute to the religious formation of students. We are blessed to walk alongside students and their families throughout their faith journeys.

The Office of Campus Ministry cares for the whole person, forming women and men with and for others, while proclaiming and witnessing the Gospel. All programing is founded on the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, modeled on the life of Jesus Christ, and centered in the rich heritage of the Roman Catholic Church.

Building authentic relationships with God and others is at the heart of all Campus Ministry programming. Our programs take students out of their daily routine and provide opportunities to reflect on community, spirituality, and students’ own interactions within the world.

  • Retreats
  • Sacraments & Liturgies
  • Daily Prayers and Examen over PA System
  • Christian Service
  • Christian Life Communities
  • Immersion Trips
  • Summit Week
  • Peer Ministry & Leadership Development
  • Pastoral Ministry & Counseling
  • Living in Faith Class
  • Adult Ignatian Formation
  • Day of Service

All programming respects and welcomes people of all faith traditions.

The Office of Campus Ministry advances the religious identity of the school and ministers to the student body alongside the Department of Theology and all faculty and staff. Campus Ministry is guided by a core team of students, faculty, and staff to develop robust programming and reach out to all students.

Complementing academic, theological instruction, the Campus Ministry team provides opportunities and programs for students, faculty/staff, and parents to explore and develop a relationship with God, find spiritual nourishment and rest, and build authentic community outside of the classroom. Campus Ministry is a true oasis in our desert!

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