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Vision: is to create a place where all students are accepted for who they are and can continue to grow as individuals while contributing to the overall growth  of their school community.  

Mission:  The mission of the Houses is to further the mission of Xavier College Prep by  committing to the development of the whole student (cura personalis), ensuring  that all students have a place among his/her peers, enabling them to build  strong personal, spiritual, and collegial relationships, reinforcing Xavier’s sense  of community, and forming its conscientious leaders. Goals: 

The House System interweaves all aspects of live at Xavier College Prep by setting the following goals:

  • Leadership – to build strong leaders who lead by example and to give a strong voice to each of the four classes within the House communities.
  • Academic Achievement – to promote academic achievement and advancement while providing support for all students ensuring that they perform at their optimal level under the guidance of an academic mentor.
  • Spirituality – to support and nurture the spiritual and religious formation of all students within a smaller and more intimate group.
  • Community Outreach – to build relationships with more people in the greater community  so as to be able to extend even further our arms of service.
  • Spirit – to build House spirit and identity through engaging students in fun and unifying activities and in intramural sports.


All students, faculty and staff are placed in one of 6 houses.  Each house has a President, a Vice President and 3 Deputies.  This allows 30 students to be a part of the Student Leadership Community at Xavier.