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Graduate at Graduation

The journey of the “Grad at Grad” begins freshman year. The Xavier graduate is a critical thinker, articulate, sensitive and aware with a strong sense of self-worth. At graduation, the Xavier student understands and will continue to develop as a young man or woman who is:

A Xavier student at the time of graduation has matured as a person — emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, religiously — to a level that reflects intentional responsibility for one’s own growth. The graduate is beginning to reach out in his or her development, seeking opportunities to stretch one’s mind, imagination, feelings, and religious consciousness.

A Xavier student at the time of graduation will exhibit a mastery of those academic requirements for advanced education. The student will have developed many intellectual skills and understandings that cut across and go beyond academic requirements for college entrance. The student is beginning to see the need for intellectual integrity in his or her personal quest for religious truth and in his or her response to issues of social justice.

A Xavier student at the time of graduation will have a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church. The graduate will also have examined his or her own religious feelings and beliefs choosing a fundamental orientation toward God and establishing a relationship with a religious tradition and community. Respectful of the conscience and religious background of the individual, this also applies to the non-Catholic graduate of Xavier.

A Xavier student at the time graduation has achieved considerable knowledge of the many needs of local and wider communities. The student is preparing for when he or she will take a role in these communities as a competent, concerned and responsible member. The graduate has begun to acquire the skills and motivation necessary to live as a man or woman for others.

A Xavier student at the time of graduation is able to move beyond self- interest or self-centeredness in relationships with others. He or she is able to offer a deeper level of relationship in which they can disclose self and accept the mystery of another person and cherish that person.


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