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Foundations is a word is very relevant to the work we do at Xavier. Xavier’s Jesuit identity is best articulated in a collection of writings called The Foundations. Saint Ignatius bases much of his Spiritual Exercises on “The First Principle and Foundation,” a document that challenges us to do all we do to the best of our ability for the greater glory of God (AMDG). Xavier’s classroom building and gymnasium sit on concrete foundations that were poured early on a chilly morning in February of 2006. Etched or painted on those foundations are the names of several people, most notably the names of the first forty-eight students to attend Xavier. Several charitable foundations have donated money to help us build and sustain the work we do at Xavier. And, of course, the work we do each day is fundamentally about building solid foundations under our students before we send them out to mimic St. Francis Xavier by setting the world on fire with the message of the Gospel. 


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