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#ThankfulThursday -

Day of Giving 

Thursday, December 2, 2021


“...the grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience. And that is what makes all the difference.” --Thomas Merton

Take a moment and consider all the ways you’ve experienced God’s goodness.  I often find myself late at night, perhaps after a particularly trying day, promising myself that “things will be better tomorrow.”  

Recollecting God’s goodness, as it shows up in the loving acts of friends and strangers fills me with gratitude.  God’s goodness lives in each of us, and it radiates from us in acts of generosity and kindness.  I see this every day at Xavier, as your generosity cascades through the lives of our students and their families, like a row of tipping dominoes!

This Thursday, December 2nd, is Thankful Thursday, and you will continue to show God’s goodness by your gift to support the work you do through Xavier.  Your gift is tangible evidence of God’s goodness, not hearsay or promise.  All gifts sustain the good work of educating young people from across the Coachella Valley.  Thank you for the ways you continue to make all the difference in the lives of our Saints - you are building the next generation of leaders and fabulous men and women with and for others!

God bless you ;)

Peace, Chris





You can start donating today!
On Wednesday evening, December 1st, we will email you a link from which you can make a secure donation through the website. At that time, you may make a gift of any amount, every gift counts!

Contributions from #ThankfulThursday will be unrestricted and will support a number of programs and initiatives, for example: scholarship assistance; facility improvements; technology upgrades; professional development and more.

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