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Thankful Thursday -

Day of Giving, Thursday,

December 3, 2020


“God bless you.”

It’s a simple act of generosity.  When I hear someone bless me after I sneeze, I’m usually grateful that they took the time and modest effort to do so.  I am the grateful recipient of many other gifts and blessings from others.

People give me their time and attention.  People give me support, confidence, affirmation, encouragement, inspiration, and love.  I’m grateful for these gifts.  My gratitude inspires me to be generous during this very challenging time in all of our lives.

Thursday, December 3rd, is Xavier’s annual day of giving, a day we’re calling “Thankful Thursday.”  Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated, and it will go directly to sustain the great work and successes happening at Xavier for our students!  Thank you for thinking of Xavier every day, and especially today, as you help us educate students from across the Valley.

God bless you ;)

Peace, Chris