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House Weeks at Xavier College Prep are exciting and spirited events designed to foster a sense of community, camaraderie, and school pride among students. Each house takes turns hosting a week filled with themed activities, competitions, and events that highlight the unique spirit and identity of their house. These weeks are a cornerstone of the house system, promoting unity and friendly rivalry while enhancing the overall student experience.

Event Highlights

  1. Themed Days: Each day of House Week features a different theme, encouraging students to dress up and participate in themed activities. Themes might include "Crazy Hat Day," "Twin Day," "Sports Day," and "Color Day," where students wear their house colors with pride.
  2. House Competitions: A variety of competitions and games are organized throughout the week, allowing houses to earn points and demonstrate their skills and teamwork. These competitions can include trivia contests, scavenger hunts, relay races, talent shows, and more. The friendly rivalry energizes the students and fosters a strong sense of house identity.
  3. Community Service Projects: House Weeks often incorporate community service projects, reflecting the school’s commitment to social responsibility and Jesuit values. Each house might organize a service activity, such as a food drive, community clean-up, or fundraising event for a local charity. These projects encourage students to give back to the community and develop a sense of empathy and compassion.
  4. Spirit Assemblies: The week typically kicks off and concludes with spirited assemblies where students gather to celebrate their house pride. These assemblies feature performances, cheers, and speeches that highlight the house's achievements and build excitement for the upcoming activities.
  5. Decorations and Spirit: Throughout House Week, the school is adorned with decorations that reflect the house's theme and colors. Banners, posters, and creative displays transform the campus, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere that boosts school spirit.
  6. Faculty and Staff Involvement: Teachers and staff actively participate in House Week, joining in the themed dress-up days, judging competitions, and supporting their respective houses. Their involvement enhances the sense of community and demonstrates solidarity with the students.
  7. House Dinners or Socials: Many houses host special dinners or social events during their week, providing an opportunity for students to bond outside of the classroom. These gatherings often include food, music, and activities that strengthen relationships and build a sense of belonging.

House Weeks at Xavier College Prep are dynamic and engaging events that play a crucial role in building school spirit, fostering friendships, and reinforcing the values of teamwork and community service. Through themed activities, competitions, and service projects, students experience a sense of unity and pride in their house and school. House Weeks not only create lasting memories but also contribute to a positive and inclusive school culture where every student feels connected and valued.